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Ada Salter Memorial Garden

Back in April we were contacted by Raunds town council and asked if we would be interested in designing a memorial garden for locally born Ada Salter. Ada later on in her career became the first female mayor of London. Ada was passionate about create beautiful space within urban area's. With this is mind and the very challenging site confirmed we came up with a design that compliments and amplifies the surrounding landscape.


We decided to use timber sleepers installed vertically to retain the existing slope. We chose to use this material and install it this way to Allow the boundaries of the garden to flow and blend in with the existing contours of the landscape and we believe this has worked extremely well.


Alot of thought was given to the choice of paving. And while there are plenty of brands, textures and colours that would suit this kind of project we eventually opted for a natural sandstone product from Bradstone that had a vast difference in colour from piece to piece. Yes it does stand out and this is what we were trying to achieve. Every single shade from within this paving blends in and complements the project and the surrounding landscape.


Kate Houlihan - Town Clerk




Following a competitive tender process Highgrove Landscapes were appointed to design and install a memorial garden for Ada Salter.


Ada Salter was born in Raunds and later in life became the first female mayor of a London borough. Ada was renowned for championing many causes including the beautification of urban spaces. In celebrating her life Raunds Town Council wanted to create a garden worthy of her memory. The design from Highgrove Landscapes was of a very high standard, which the council felt accurately reflected the values upheld by Ada.


Throughout the build Highgrove Landscapes provided an excellent service, not just updating the council with progress, but also taking the time to explain the works to local residents and even taking the time to visit a local school to discuss the project.


The end result is even better than imagined and has been finished to a very high standard. The council have had some wonderful feedback from local residents regarding the project who are thrilled with the end result.


We can’t wait to see the garden in Spring when it is bursting with colour!

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